Our design is unique ! It is the only rotating product on the market and the only product that can pickle behind baffles. 

First to Market

Stainless Restoration Ltd. comissioned the first rotating CPM in 2013. Since then we have installed an additional 8 machines with another 3 beginning manufacture Q2 of 2022


Its tried and tested, 9 Cylinder pickling machines are in the field today processing cylinders 24/7 proving reliability with several million cylinders processed to date


We can customize the CPM to suit your business needs or your unique Cylinder design.

Automated ​Cylinder Pickling Machines

Hot Water Cylinder Pickling Machine

Our unique design allows warm pickling solution to be pumped into each cylinder through a lance and injected into the cylinder whist being rotated through 360˚ (Horizontally) until the stage time elapses. 

The cylinders are then drained by indexing the bed in 90˚ increments, compressed air is blown through the pipe work to flush the system. The pickling solution that drains out of the cylinders is collected and reused. 

Fresh water is then introduced by the same method,  intermittently rinsing the external of the cylinders during a 360˚ rotation,  the lines are flushed again with compressed air and the cylinders drained. 

This unique design is the only machine currently on the market that can effectively pickle behind internal baffles.

CPM-S4 Cylinder Pickling Machine

The CPM-S4  has a single spindle with 4 beds, each bed is equipped with 5 Valve stations and lance to equip cylinders depending on the length. The Beds are 4.9 metres long with a number of V-blocks for securing’s cylinders of a varying length and diameter.


  • Maximum length of cylinder 4.9m
  • Maximum diameter Ø550mm.
  • Average Cycle time of 25 Minutes

 Capacity Examples

  • 20 cylinders of Ø550mm x <1m cylinder
  • 16 cylinders of Ø550mm x 1.2m cylinder
  • 12 cylinders of Ø550mm x 1.6m cylinder
  • 8 cylinders of Ø550mm x 2.4m cylindes

Loading the CPM is normally a manual handling process for smaller cylinders, simply because this is the most efficient way. 

The larger and heavier cylinders are normally manipulated into the machine using a counter balanced vacuum manipulator arm or similar.  We are able to provide a Skids/Pallet type of loading mechanism however, in our experience, this approach is much slower and does not usually offer a great advantage.

CPM Features

Our bespoke CPM-S4 has the capability to pickle and rinse up to 20 cylinders every cycle. 
The S4 can be fitted with an extra module to allow the addition of future capacity. 

CPM Features

  • Small Foot Print W2.2m x H2.2m x L7.5m 
  • loading height of 1000mm.
  • Pickle and rinse a variety of cylinders.
  • Pickle cylinders with baffles.
  • Fully enclosed and extracted process.
  • Fully Automated and programmable with 4 recipe settings.
  • Light curtains and interlocks
  • Pneumatically valves controlled by PLC/HMI.
  • Strainers on inlets and outlets to catch debris.
  • Hi resolution encoder for accurate positioning.
  • Internal construction: 304 stainless steel.
  • PP-H extra heat slab polypropylene.

Safety Features

  • Internal & External wash down prior to finish
  • Acid holding sump tanks heavy skinned for safety
  • “Reverse gear” motion should a cylinder jam
  • Enclosed - Separates operators from acid contact
  • Fumes extracted via the LEV system
  • Micro switches  prevent accidental opening
  • All doors automatic locking  during pickling cycle
  • Windows in doors to allow monitoring
  • Acid level switches
  • Audiable alarms during door operation
  • Internal LED lights indicate stage of the cylce

Gen 2 CPM - In FInal Design Stage

Our GEN 2 Pickling Machine is in final design and manufatcture

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