Effluent Treatment Plant / Chemical Dosing

Our Effluent Treament Plants (ETP) are designed to treat waste rinse water from a pickling process at a rate of 10m3/h (large enough for up to four Cylinder Pickling Machines). The ETP is programmed to meet your current discharge limits as required for your region / country.

A control panel with HMI and PLC (Schneider) monitors and controls the process and allows any Alarms to be sent out via e-mail and SMS. Daily/weekly/monthly reporting is available.

Principals of Operation 

The effluent is collected in a buffer tank fitted with a radar level controller, an external level indicator, safety overfill sensor and air agitation controller.

Dual pumps  this effluent to a neutralisation vessel under the monitoring of a full bore magflo. pH is monitored and adjusted with chemical dosing and the neutralised effluent (pH ~ 10.5) overflows into the flocculation vessel where a polyelectrolyte is be added volumetrically. 

The flocculated effluent then overflows into a settlement tank. Sludge from this tank is transferred to a storage tank and susbsequently  pumped to a filter press.  

Clarified water from the settlement tank is pumped to drain.

 OPTIONAL: Grey water recycle:  Recover up to 75% of clarified water for re-use. 

Effluent Treatment

Fully Enclosed Effluent Treatment Plants, tailored to meet requirements of your consent to discharge by the local water authority or Environmental Agency

Chemicals Required

  1. Enerjex 520
  2. Enerjex 596
  3. Polyelectrolyte (Enerjex 700)

Chemicals Supplied By Stainless Restoration Ltd

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